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Accessing your Round 1 essays:


  1. Log in to the ASHG portal through the button on the left side of the screen labeled "Login with ASHG". Your username is the email address associated with your membership

  2. Select "My Reviewing Assignments" from the table on the left side of the screen

  3. Please read through each essay assigned to you and select either "Accept" or "Decline"
    • Accept means you judge this essay as fit to move on to Round 2, in which judges will read through the essays more thoroughly and score with a provided rubric.
    • Decline means you judge this essay as not fit to move on to Round 2. 

Round 1 judging ends on Wednesday, March 15 at 11:59 pm U.S. Eastern Time.


If you cannot remember your username or password, please contact dnaday@ashg.org.


Judging Tips

  • The goal of Round 1 is to eliminate essays that are clearly of lower quality
  • Accept/decline an essay based on your overall sense of how well a student grasps and explains the concepts addressed by the question, and by the overall quality of the writing
  • Essays were randomly assigned and may be above average or below average
  • There is no minimum or maximum number of essays that you must accept or decline

Essay Question:

In 2023, The American Society of Human Genetics celebrates its 75th anniversary! We want to kick off the festivities with you, the next generation of human geneticists. The theme of our celebrations is “One Humanity, Many Genomes.” In your essay, explain what “one humanity, many genomes” means to you. Please be sure to include:

  • Two examples of what makes our genomes unique
  • How advances in understanding our genomes impact our lives, such as current and future research into medical treatments.

If you have any questions, please contact dnaday@ashg.org